Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Paris Nov 17th 2009

We spent the morning doing a historical Paris walking tour courtesy of a Rick Steves podcast.

Notre Dame... wow. Caught the end of mass there... can't get over thinking about what the peasant people of Paris thought of God in light of the hard work put in to building this place and the enormity and grandeur of it... it's seriously gorgeous. Got to see the one origial Rose stained glass... from the thirteenth century. Speechless...

Shakespeare Books- loved it! The description outside says the books are stored like chapters in a book... so true. Utter delightful chaos.

The Latin Quarter. Fabulous! Want to come back and eat my way through it... at night with live music it must be one of the coolest places here.

Last stop today, the Eiffel tower. It's just one of those things you gotta see... and we spent an hour or so with her. Beautiful.

We've spent a bit of time this trip discussing function vs. fashion. All pics posted of me will be from the ankle up by order of Molly. Wish i had an example but I"m still taking pics with the monster cam and have no working card reader for it.

Food today... we are definately in a rut. Crepes and frites and Pasta Carbonara and Frites. I know... ridiculous!

Didn't get to everything we thought we might while we're here, but I'm savoring time with Molly here and what we are getting to see. We're currently in our room, both journaling, listening to the new John Mayer release.
Loving life today and so grateful for the opportunity we have had to be here.


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Julie said...

Loving this so much...and so thrilled for this experience for both of you!! Of course I miss you like crazy...but I am loving that you are where you are right now! ~Jules...