Monday, November 16, 2009

Paris Nov 16 09

Arrived in Paris this morning, seem to be managing the travel ok.
Having some issues with the card reader and the "good" camera, so here's a favorite from the day from the back up cam.

At a glance, here is Paris, to me, today.

Loud, cars have the right of way- not pedestrians, motor bikes/scooters everywhere I WANT ONE but would be afraid to drive it here.

Smoking is only allowed outside so the sidewalks are full of smokers, it is the first and last place in my life that I’ll ever consider smoking because it just seems cool. (note to my mother- I’m not going to do it). It’s just that it feels very movie like and foreign, and I dont mind it here.

People seem more involved in conversation here... which frustrates me because we can't really take part because I didn’t study the language before coming.
Very frustrated with myself on this particular point.

Well dressed french men, and few pretty french women, so far.
People wear a lot of black and 2/3 of the women wear a coat with leggings tucked in boots. (Knew I should have bought those new black flat boots….)
And there are WAY more men than women on the street.
Men wear pink here, and for the most part, with black it’s working for them.
And that completes our fashion update for the night.

We walked a lot today. I think this is the best way to see a city intimately.
We stumbled across the Arc du Triumph in our neighborhood. Wandered around Montmarte.

Food… let’s see pasta with prosciutto, frites. Crepe. Steak and frites. Currently staring at a palmier and a chocolate macaroon that I hope Molly will eat so I don’t. Food comes fast here. I like that.
But I feel lame every time I don’t stick around to drink coffee following the meal. Perhaps instead of smoking I should take up coffee?

Found a Starbucks or 2... in Paris!

We traveled a short distance on the train with 4 British women, we affectionately are calling the Spice Girls.
We tried to stand close so we could hear them talk about Dancing with the Stars and the latest celebrity gossip. They were adorable.

Decided not to over program this trip.
I can be a commando, take no prisoners, have a plan, see everything sort of traveler.
This trip, trying to be more loose, in the moment with Molly and take things as they come.
Her favorite movie has always been Moulin Rouge, so since we’re here we went to the show tonight.
Well… as I twittered… it’s not for everyone.
She and I politely laughed our way through it trying to imagine describing it in detail to Abby who would think she’d want to go, but would have hated it.
Did I mention they had miniature horses? And, lovely… I have the “can can” song playing in my head, it's not exactly a lullaby... and that’s about all I’m going to say about that! Oh except… Molly drank her first champagne tonight and I was there. That was fun!

Our hotel, the Monceau Elysses is adorable.
We are in a loft type room with two single beds on the top floor.
It’s adorable with Victoria’s Secret pink striped wall paper!
She and I are facing one another now, typing on our laptops and one of us simply must set the example and go to bed!
It’s nearly 1am Tuesday, now.


Bonnie Gorshe said...

I actually did take up smoking in Europe just so I had something to do in the cafes after I ate and they wouldn't kick me out before my poor feet felt rested. It always made me feel sick if I actually inhaled much, so I had to mostly fake it. So I totally understand why you say this!

Dave Stewart said...

"Food comes fast here."

Apparently you are visiting a different Paris than the one we visited. Meals seemed to us to be an evening-long affair with long conversations etc etc. Not good when we had an intense American desire to chow.

I think being there in November is also smart. You don't have as much daylight as summer, but I bet it's a lot cooler than when we visited.