Saturday, November 21, 2009

Global Leadership Summit - Belgium

The longer you are in the trenches the easier it is to mistake the edge of your rut for the horizon. - Gary Hamel
Wondering how to put the past few days in to words and phrases. I am so grateful for this opportunity, to be here, to learn and to serve and to expand my own horizon.

I will remember this place because of the joy of Johan, who deeply cared while smiling his way through every detail, because of Karin who has instincts and passion for the Belgiums people WAY beyond the 20 people in her home church, for Audri who is a humble, calm, work horse who I would want in any trench with me, for Daniel, the young Belgium producer who answered a last minute call and served with excellence beyond what I could expect, for the reminder of what a priviledge it is to be here when others like Jeroen are too sick to come, for young beautiful Jemima- a sensitive capital A storyteller, for Yo who is tender and in pain and still serving every moment, for the warmth of young love, for Peter the drummer who is also a sound guy and a guitarist and the list could go on, for Henri and Janet who were sensitive and bright in their translation,for a great arrangement of More Love, More Power and getting to sing You are My Hiding Place again, for David, for yet another coooool bass player, the grin of a percussionist, the young piano player who worships at the keys, for Rebekkah who led with passion and authenticity and whose “L” is most present on the platform, for Joke (pronounced Yoko) for the beauty of her flowers, for a team who understand we are better when we all contribute, for kindness, for crummy internet, sandwiches, sleeping in a bunk bed with Molly, for parking tickets and mostly for a community that understands that church is not about a building and longs for its community to know Christ.

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