Monday, June 29, 2009

22 June 2009

Today we got to choose what service projects we would do for the next two days. The selections were things which we all did last week. I chose to do visitations with Miss Elsa and Mr Jerry and Kids Club on the island. I'm beginning to love the pastoring part of visitations and spending time with our guides. I am not a teacher of small children. This is for sure. Though i do lead a mean game of "Simon Says"

I'm off now to purchase a grape soda for 15 - 20 lempira depending on the store which is open, and then to see the first game of an island basketball tournament. Our gringo team is playing an island team. The 5 best players from the island have been beating us all week, so they have each fielded a team for this week long tournament. That impressed me, that the love of the game, outweighs the need to stack their teams. But rest assured... in the end, the island always wins.

And... today has a glimpse of a dark cloud- we are beginning to count the days until we leave this place and we are sad and worried about the moment we pull away from the dock with the children we have come to love waving goodbye. My prayer is that the emotion of that day, will cement so many of the lessons we have learned, but it will be a wet boat ride out on Friday, that is for sure.

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