Monday, June 29, 2009

21 June 2009

A quick update before a shower and bed.
Today we went to church at the Northside church and Mister Larry taught the message. The singing was like singing the sacred harp. Mostly women though. I will never forget singing harmony with the island woman next to me on Amazing Grace.

This afternoon we took a jungle hike. A real. jungle. hike.
I determined i would try everything here once- so i went somewhat reluctantly.
It was truly amazing so see the immensity of God's creation in this way. Unreal.
I was also reminded of the value of intentionality i.e. Disney like tour guide training, which our guides have not received. It was truly an adventure and I'm glad I went. (note- Angel, pictured here, did the hike barefoot)

Now... the team is watching Pirates of the Carribean which looks like it was filmed here. So, watching it with the island kids in the center of the jungle is something I will not soon forget.
Dreaming of captain jack sparrow.... night all.

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