Monday, June 29, 2009

23 June 2009

Last night Scott and Allie led us through an amazing night of celebrating the good and life.
Scott led off by sharing the story of the impact that Scott Resnick had had on his life, and through the celebration of his life at the memorial service. He challenged the kids, well, all of us to be intentional with our lives. To set goals. To trust God. To decide what we will do and what we wont do the rest of this week, this summer, the next year and in our lives. It was a powerful time.

Then, we circled up and did affirmations for half of the group. It gave us the chance to encourage one another in the growth that we have seen this trip and in the relationships which have formed. Lots of tears and laughter.

On the path today Molly and I talked about why we are crying so much... she didn't expect it. I did. Our hearts are tender and open here because of the work we are doing, the time spent in relationship with God and with one another and the lack of distraction of real life demands and pressures.

To my friends who have been here and knew this is what we would find, I thank you for letting it be a suprise. To the rest of you. You must find this kind of journey in your own life.

We are hiking to the cross now...

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