Monday, June 29, 2009

18 June 2009

Last nights church service was… memorable, but it’s a story to tell in person. For now, know that island style worship is wonderful. In many ways it reminds me of the Chapel I grew up in where men would share their testimonies at the breaking of bread service each Sunday morning, but with a calypso beat.

Today our team did Clean Sweep on the island. There’s no garbage service on the island and the habit is to throw your trash, well rather to drop it, where you are. This is a pretty nasty task made more pleasant by our guide (nickname) “bye bye” who is full of stories and love for the island and it’s people. He also hooked us up with sugar cane and our first cold beverages since arriving. Pepsi and banana pop. So SWEET and yummy.

We began to talk today about things we miss. Surprisingly to me, I don’t miss my ipod. Occasionally there’s music around us but most of the time we enjoy the sounds of the island; we have the ocean and the breeze, the sound of the kids playing on the porch, people greeting one another on the path and nothing. Molly and I miss family- we think Cub would thrive here because it’s camp on steroids and Abby would not enjoy the heat. Mike would be SO useful because he’s good at the things Molly and I are having to learn as we go.

The afternoon is wrapping up island style, a swim from the dock, an islanders/gringo basketball game, the announcement that we wont be leading Youth Praise tonight because the elders need the church building, so how about game night instead? And church tomorrow night. Sounds Cool Mon’

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