Monday, June 29, 2009

19 June 2009 - Helene

Is it Friday? Wow. In so many ways it seems like we have lived a lifetime here already. The islanders around the mission have been so welcoming, we feel like we know many of them and are part of this place.

This morning we did (w)visitiations (they don’t pronounce the v) and invited the kids on the island to our VBS camps. We got to walk to new parts of the island which I hadn’t visited before. One is the pond. It is the grimmest place. It’s hard to find words for how deeply grim the physical reality of their living situation is. Just when I had begun to think maybe this was enough for one lifetime, I realized again how much we take for granted in the states. The woman, Marina, whose house floor we put in, lives there now. It feels good to know that we have helped her and the 7 who will live with her move up and out of the Pond.

This afternoon a large group of us headed to the Northside to snorkel. I am physically exhausted and pretty much speechless about the wonder of seeing what is in the ocean. Being a water lover… well, I have no words.

Tonight we are doing the youth praise service. Our kids are ready and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it comes together.

I know I will sleep well tonight!

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