Thursday, November 6, 2008

settling in and falling a little in love

Today is about adjusting to this new world and I think i'm there or here or whatever. I spent most of the day at the venue... it's being held in at a university here. Pretty new facility... good room... the school houses high school in the day and college at night. I've now met all the people on my list, so I have faces to go with names. Everyone here has been unbelievably kind and caring. I'm really enjoying spending time with Leo and Coti who have been hosting me and translating. I'll post pics of them soon. Leo is the youth pastor of one of the churches and Coti is the Sr. Pastor's daughter, they are dating. I'm beginning to get over the fact that I dont understand most of what I hear. One thing that is amazing to me is the number of kids who are bi-lingual. It is certainly a challenge to enter a team where the adults speak little or no English, and I bet it's a challenge to have a stranger, a woman no less, enter their team and speak such little Spanish, but the kids are helping me out. Technically... the team, especially the lead, is strong. There are glitches though... as there always are when you're doing something important... the screen arrived today. Well "A" screen arrived today... it's not right and was filthy. The team spent time cleaning it but it will not work so as of now, we are without a screen until at least 7am tomorrow and the Summit begins at 9am. The soundcheck literally took 3 hours tonight. In this way, I am grateful for my experience... it keeps me from freaking out. :-) It seems that each day I am getting more than I am giving, which is not comfortable for me, but i'm trying to stay open to why God has me here and how it can form me for ministry. Today... the thing is that the people I am spending time with seem to truly understand what it means to "focus on the next generation." It's challenging and compelling to see... I'm anxious to post some video but the wifi is pretty weak at the hotel.


Melinda said...

Thanks for taking the time to give us a view of your day from here. Just prayed for the screens to arrive in time and in great working order.

April said...

i'm thinking a lot about you and pray for you every time God brings you to mind. you're amazing janet