Friday, November 7, 2008

Cumbre Dia Uno

Realized that I left my laptop cable at the venue... so this will be brief.
Today went GREAT! It was day one of the Summit. The team worked hard and things went very well.
The screen arrived just before the first session so we used the wall until lunch and then we put it up. It (of course) arrived with no screws to attach the frame legs... so... we used the universal solution- zip ties (that's for you Mac :))We ran Hybel's Decision making, Gary Haugen and John Burke today... and the last session of the day was a TD Jakes talk that was awesome! It really connected with the room. Relationally, things just felt way more comfortable today with the team. They are SO warm and inviting, i can already tell that it will be hard to leave them. This is Coti (19) who is my translator and has been wonderful, she and Leo really take such good care of me.
Tonight after the Summit I was invited to eat with the WCA/Compaasion Intl Vision team again. This was really fun and I sat next to someone who really made me miss my friends at home... his sense of humor was so much like Mac's, who would have thought that was possible? AND... he listens to NPR (almost) all the time! And... sitting across from the Compassion Intl Church Relations Director... pretty much sealed the deal, it's time that we sponsor a child. A few of the people on this trip had the opportunity to meet the child they sponsor... that would be amazing. I have never been exposed to the level of hardship and poverty that I see here, it makes even our simple life look so different. We are incredibly blessed and self absorbed. I am sure that there is a nicer way to say that... but... my battery is about to die and it's really how i feel at this moment.
I miss home, family, friends, my church, but I know that i will leave part of me here when I come home. Thanks for your prayer and support and encouragement. J


Melinda said...

Your thrill and joy is evident!

April said...

thank you for encouraging me through what you are doing. your servant spirit is matchless. you have no idea how you have touch my heart, let alone all those whith whom you come in contact. keep your Jesus shoes on Janet.

Jos said...

Coti is adorable!

You SHOULD sponsor a Compassion child - we have little Daphne in Haiti. SO COOL to get letters from here!

Glad things are going well!