Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pinch me...

Did I wake up this morning in the dorm room of a 20 year old college student in Houston, Texas?

Did I get on a plane and suddenly realize I hadn't devoted quite enough time to my spanish lessons?

Did I sit next to a very nice man who is one week younger than me, was born in Holland, is a ship (think shipping vessel) something or other who helped me through all the immigration, customs paperwork, could name every landmark we could see from the plane, has been at sea for 7 months and is heading home to a small village in Honduras where life is simpler? Oh, and he said... the world is my home and he meant it.

Did I seriously land on that little airstrip, amidst banana and palm trees?Did I finally learn to recognize my own suitcase, not in the standing upright position, to which I am accustomed, but upside down and backwards amidst 100's of others?

Did I play Amazing Race today with a 19 year old young woman named Coti?
Find cool things in the market while Guns & Roses was playing... have kids try to sell us fruit at our car windows? drove around San Pedro Sula Honduran style... (she was great, but wow!)and then walk back alone to my hotel (only 7 blocks in broad daylight- though it was still a bit of a rush, saw two rifles along the way) in order to get the Fraser traditional walk the town thing done? Note- the rifles made me feel MORE safe, than less, that definately wasn't expected..

Did I learn that traveling alone is no fun because there's no one to tell you your outfit is cute before going to dinner with 30 strangers?

Did I seriously have dinner? Steak... in a beautiful roof top open air restaurant in Honduras? Were there really pastors there sharing their testimonies about third world ministry which makes budget cuts at my church seem somehow less critical? And was the Compassion Intl. team there with the WCA doing a Vision trip? And oh, was that really Jim Mellado and did I seriously introduce myself and tell him I was working for him this week?

Will someone please pinch me?


Tyler said...

wow you are with jim...that is rad.

Anonymous said...

WOW Janet...I am so excited for you!!
Keep us posted! We are praying for you and the Summit there!
Love you,

Stephanie said...

Yes... your outfit IS cute!! :)

Glad you are having such a great time already!


Melinda said...

Your outfit looks cute! I'm there. My prayers are all around you. You just don't see me. You are writing all of this on your blog post because I don't hear it too well myself. Your IT guy has been virtually there with you, too. Who needs holograms? ;o)

Jos said...

your outfit was uber-cute!!

Are you coming home? Ever??? :)

What an AMAZING experience!

Carolyn said...

WOW! I can't believe I'm sitting here in Portland on a rainy Friday afternoon reading this and I'm so blown away just by what you have been sharing. What an experience. I can hardly wait to hear more about and to see more pictures.

You were missed last night at Thursday night reheasral. No get to know you question. Know we are praying for you here at home.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED this post!! So good to get a tiny taste of your adventure.