Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A book and a videoblog for the day

I bought this book, The Year of Living Biblically, in the PDX airport and am L O V I N G it! The basic premise... A J Jacobs was raised in a secular family but became increasing interested in the relevance of faith in the modern world. So, he decides to dive in headfirst and attempt to obey the Bible as literally as possible for one full year. The resulting spiritual journey is at once funny and profound...

I am absolutely riveted to this book... am loving watching him wrestle with Scripture. I have no idea what a year of this will turn out to be... but i'm having trouble putting the book down because I want to know.

Today has been a FULL LONG day... been up since 1AM. It's so good to see Chris... how normal his life is here, and how wonderful his friends are.

Tomorrow a.m. i leave for Honduras.


Jenni Clayville said...

I am SOOOO proud of you using your webcam! I LOVE IT!!!

Love you and miss you!

Seth said...

Isn't it a great book? I read it a few months ago, expecting it to be irreverent and disrespectful. It was quite the opposite. I found it to be very engaging and enjoyable (and hilarious at times). I'm planning on getting it from the library again and sending some stuff to Pastor Ron when he starts into the Pentateuch next year.

April said...

you crack me up. i'm really excited for you about this trip. I'm praying for you chica!