Friday, October 3, 2008

The Adventure Begins

This week I began realizing what the GLS commitment is

Travel to San Pedro Sula, Honduras in early November. Away from home 6 days. Had to determine whether to sight see in Honduras or Houston and decided 1 night in Houston and then Willow gave me nearly 24 hours on the front end "free" in Honduras, so I'll be able to at least see the city.

This is San Pedro's (we're on a first name basis now) second GLS. This is somewhat good news as the team has experience. Last year their projector didn't arrive until 10pm the night before (ours is routinely in place days, if not weeks ahead for testing) and there was no remote sent with it, so they climbed up duct taped truss to turn it on/off each day. The somewhat daunting news is that it's also a Vision team location so I'll have WCA people there to watch us succeed and manage challenges.

It's definately a Latin American country. Of course, that's no surprise, but do me a favor and check out this link.
Yeah, that's right, it's in Spanish. What will it be like to be in a foreign country immersed in their language and culture for 5 days? I have no idea but I've been watching univision this morning and realizing I need to brush off my dusty Spanish.

I practiced wearing a skirt this week in case I have to. Basically decided it's ok but not something i want to do on a regular basis. Biggest issue- no pockets. How light can I pack?

My cousin Laurie married Oscar who is Honduran so I'm hoping to connect with them soon and get some ideas/tips. We love their family so it will be fun to connect with them as a result of this adventure. Our church also has a connection in Honduras so I'll be doing some homework.

I think i want to take something American as a small thank you gift for a few of those I'll be serving with... do you have any suggestions? We've been brainstorming but are mostly coming up with food.


Jenna said...

Something from Disneyland? Hahaha, are you looking for a bunch of little things to hand out? Or one big present?

Jos said...

so exciting!!

idea for a gift to take.... a book of photography of American sites or Oregon sites... then they can see where you live :) Although that might get a little spendy.. just re-read that you need several small things...

Joni Ruhs said...

Oh I had to chuckle at your comment about last year's projector arriving the night before. I was part of a trip to Russia in '94 with my former church. Nothing went as we expected. Vehicles breaking down carrying our entire band/sound set up; push starting a charter bus in the hills near Yalta. So go in knowing that God has really cool plans for you and your team even if they don't look the same as what you planned. Enjoy the adventure!!!

Hmm, gifty things. Maybe figurines of Statue of Liberty or something from your hometown or a local craftsman. Oscar Meyer Wienie Whistle necklace! That's TOTALLY American.