Friday, September 26, 2008

Honduras in November

The final word is in... I'm going to Honduras in early November, to produce a Global Leadership Summit for Willow Creek.

Ever been there? Any tips?


Tyler said...


im jealous that you're getting warm weather.

Anonymous said...

Very excited for you! Haven't been to Honduras--Costa Rica but not Honduras. Where in Honduras? The capital? Maybe Helene team folks could offer some advice?
Praying for you and your preparation, even as you do life here in the meantime.
Debbie Stewart

GodSide said...

Yup...twice actually, in Nov 98 and then again 99.

Where exactly are you traveling? I was in San Pedro Sula.

Jenna said...

CONGRATS! You will have so much fun. I went to Helene, Honduras June 2004 - so my advice is to pack a lot of bug spray. Where exactly are you going?