Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Day off

** Wednesday was my day off... so no productivity update. It was a special kind of day off... not a day off full of chores, but a day off full of stuff i love. Nice.

** had lunch in Hood River with 3 of my favorite people yesterday... Julie, Jos and Laura. I used to spend ALOT of time with these three women... they make me think, make me laugh, challenge me to be better and love me well.

Today and tomorrow our new ministry leadership team will be doing long range planning for the 08/09 ministry year. I'll be talking more about this new team and what we're doing over the next week or so, but for now... we'll be doing a getting to know you game, since some of us are new.
Here are the questions we've been given...
1. Where were you born?
2. Where did you live your early years (birth to high school)?
3. Your favorite childhood sports team?
4. Favorite toy as a kid
5. Besides the typical responses (i.e my wedding day, birth of a child, the day I was saved), what was the most memorable and/or happiest time of your life?
6. What was the most difficult challenge you have had to overcome in your life?
7. Something no one may know about you?
8. If you weren’t doing what you are doing now professionally, what would you be doing?
9. Favorite guilty pleasure?

Some of these are easy... some, not so much. Last night I pretty much firmed up number 8.

I went to see Cirque De Soleil: Delirium at Bridgeport. The girls and I have a goal of seeing all the shows and the way things are going, it likely won't be live, so Abby and I saw the movie broadcast... It took me a little while to get used to someone else choosing what I could look at (Cirque is so FULL of visual stimulation) I eventually settled in and was swept away in to the beauty of the show.
I love the creativity, the live music partnered with the live dance, lighting, physical strength, emotion, it is truly beautiful.
Immersing myself in that experience turns a switch on in me that makes my heart beat faster and my mind seem more alert. For me, it's alot like being out in nature. I really see it as a manifestation of the Creator. So, my answer to number 8 will be that I would join the Cirque(s). (in the photo, yes, that's a big yellow dress...)


Jos said...

Lunch was awesome - but we didn't have enough time together! :(

If you worked for Cirque, you could wear sassy tops EVERYDAY with your feather roach-clip (hehe!)

See you Sunday!!

Janet Fraser said...

nice Jos... did you have to mention the feather roach clip? geez!
What we discuss in Hood River... stays in Hood River...