Thursday, August 21, 2008


A few cards placed in my box following our weekend services the past several weeks:
Why is there no cross? I don't know if it's a sanctuary or a theatre.
Why does it have to be so loud?
Please make both services family friendly.

It's very easy for me, week in and week out... 52 Mondays a year, 9 years running to have these kinds of "cards" on my mind when I go about doing the business of ministry.

But recently, I had the opportunity to read hundreds of cards which were pinned to the walls of our church as the culmination of a teaching series by Barbara Feil These cards were expressing our churches heart cries to God
* Pain in back, meakness
* One of my weaknesses is putting my happiness in material things
* My wife and me and health
* The lack of ability to let go of my own will and let God take over!
* rape
* To love my children much more with my heart and soul, please God help
* Lord, you know the hurt of not having an eartly father has allowed a hold in my heart and self esteem. Help me to know and feel that I matter to you
* Worry about what others will think of me
* Critical of others without looking at the LOG in my own eyes
* Anxiety about family, decision making, caring for my son. Self doubt, insecurity
* I don't understand why God chooses not to fulfill my dreams
* My weakness is a love for a wonderful non- believing man, that God has told me in order to serve his path, after 4.5 years of dating this man, I must leave him and cease contact.

As I head now to 13+ hours of prayer and long range planning with my ministry team the weight of these cards is quite sobering.

But, I realize too what an amazing responsibility and priviledge it is to be part of creating a place where people have time to connect with God, to "go here" and to speak these things to Him. It is a step toward Christ rather than what goes on with so many of us during the days and the week outside the hour on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

sweet post J Fra

GodSide said...

I continue to wonder what our community would right on cards and place in our boxes if they had the opportunity to do so;

Anonymous said...

Every time you plan something like this and you see the results, it feels like a veil is lifted, if only briefly. Wouldn't I love to somehow, anonymously, get a list to the congregation of even broad, general categories of the outcome of such an exercise. I wonder if it would cause some shame over the shallowness of some of our "worship" concerns. Rape kicks the snot out of whether the drums are too loud, don't you think? Keep going, keep going....-K-

Melinda said...

I am nodding in agreement with -K-'s comment.
One of the perks of prayer ministry is that we read things like this weekly. Then we pray over them. It lightens our personal loads some what. It really gives balance, to realize we are not alone in struggling with weighty stuff.

As far as the notes go:
*Too loud? Be glad you can hear.
*Not family friendly? We (not the service) are the family and we are what makes something friendly . . . or not.
*A theatre or sanctuary? This is just a room to 'teleport' into His presence from. Our Father is our sanctuary.