Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Productivity Study Day Two

Got a boatload of work done today... how? well, started the day in my office with my curtain pulled and a note that said "Please Do Not Disturb, Cramming", mid morning i moved to the student mod conference room, which most people don't know exists, and since i'd forgotten my cell phone at home I ignored my family and the rest of the world all day. While this was nice for me, it isn't really a viable long-term strategy.

Worked 8.5 hours at the office and another hour at home tonight.
I spent about :30 minutes chasing a technical issue and checking in on Kids Camp but considering that we're hosting about 800 kids on campus this week, that's a low investment for the cause.

The rest of the day was spent in service planning, development, and media team meetings. Also had my first one on one appointment with my new boss Jay. I feel good about today because I got stuff done. Alot of stuff. And I had pretty focused uninterrupted time with my manager and two of the staff I manage.
It was a good day for someone with stuff to do.
It wasn't a good day if you needed to talk to me in order to get your stuff done, or lunch money, or a ride home....

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Anonymous said...

Been following your blog recently. Good thread on productivity - I am curious to see where this ends up.
Sorry to hear about the staff shake up; we have been in a somewhat similar spot recently. (Guess that's all over). Keep the faith.


BTW Don't be non-productive when answering this email!