Friday, June 6, 2008

Staff Lunch and Launch

* pardon all the closed eyes, the photographer was in a hurry to get back to his burger and beer...

Yesterday our staff team (minus Julie and Kent) had lunch at Helvetia Tavern to celebrate recent birthdays and to spend some time with Jos, who has given notice and will be leaving her job (is it really work?) at Sunset because her family has moved to Hood River.

I will miss Jos insanely.

Monday at lunch as we were talking about her leaving Sunset I was heart sick. Jos has challenged me toward growth as a friend and a manager . I REALLY value this in her. And I have learned from Jos. She has allowed herself to be open, challenged herself to new ways of looking at/responding to things, she's been so brave as she's navigated the relational ministry that she joined. She is consistent, direct, smart, giving and the funniest person I know. And that's saying something because I know some really funny peope.

So dear Jos, go with our love and blessing and when you come to your senses and grow weary of living in heaven on earth... call us.

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Jos said...

The fact that you posted such a hideous picture of me makes it so much easier to leave... ha!

I have learned SO MUCH from you (WWJ(anet)D?) Seriously. I am scared to face the world on my own because you are my daily sounding board. You listen and get what I'm saying, you call me out when I need to be and I don't think there's anything that we've ever not been able to resolve. I will miss our Friday Confessionals and looking for your wallet.I will leave a little part of my heart here because you all mean so much to me.