Friday, June 6, 2008

Something New! and a WUP too...

Lately the name Brooke Fraser has been on my radar and not just because we have the same name... she toured with Hillsong United and John Mayer, wrote or co-wrote a few of my favorite worship choruses (None but Jesus, Hosanna, Lead me to the Cross) so yesterday I did some checking and today i'm falling in love with her solo projects.
Albertine and What to Do with Daylight. (If you like Holly Resnick, and WHO DOESNT??? you'll like Brooke Fraser)

I desperately needed NEW music.

Why is that? What's wrong with all the really great stuff that fills my itunes library? There is something innate in me that craves a new experience, a new way of communicating truth, a delightful discovery.

This got me thinking about how much I overlook how our God IS a God of change.
He is the author of creativity.
He could have just made it/us and been done with it, but he designed us to make new things, to grow, to try, to move and to mend.

Recently my friend/teammate Jay challenged Julie and I to start and share from Wake Up Pads. The concept is from Radical Edge, by Steve Farber (thank you Bryce Schroeder)- an excellent book on how to stoke your business, amp your life and change the world.

Here are the "rules"

1. Carry it everywhere - memory faulty, pen and paper, reliable.

2. Scan - the world and write down what you see, without comment or judgement. Observe, don't judge.

3. Eavesdrop - listen to what people are talking about - live, radio, TV - don't judge, just listen, and write it down.

4. Ponder - read over what you've seen/heard and think about it. Write down some implications.

5. Talk about it - bounce your thoughts off others - everyone who matters - who are observing and interacting, too. Here's what I'm seeing/hearing/noticing - and kick it around together.

6. Do something about it! Stick out your neck and try something new.


tyler said...

i received my wup pad. o and you definitely missed miss fraser last night in portland. you did know about that right?

Janet Fraser said...

yes, but alas my real life called... So You Think You Can Dance with my daughter Molly FRASER