Monday, June 28, 2010

where the healing begins

My job description is basically this.
Create a space where people meet God.
Tall order? BIG GOD.

Yesterdays services were such a wonderful reminder that it's not about us... it's not our church, it is His church.

Most Sundays it is hard to know what is going on in the hearts of the people in the seats. We just have to prepare well and trust God to do the rest, but this week when people moved out of their seats and took on a posture of humility before God, I came undone.

And then in the evening as I seperated the hundreds of cards our congregation had written to the family of Kyron Hormon and the principal and staff at Skyline Elementary I felt incredibly blessed to be part of this community, even when we grieve together. To see mothers and fathers reach out to one another, and step parents sharing a story others cannot, educators feeling the weight of one anothers burdens. It was really a hopeful and sacred task.

I could make a quick list of the things which didn't go right Sunday morning.
But instead, I would rather make a list of the things which did.
I got to experience excellence, beauty, caring, grace, mercy, humility, authenticity, unity, service, creativity.

To see people connecting with their God, to see healing begin. It is rewarding work and why I do what I do. Sundays.

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