Friday, June 25, 2010

Love on her arm

Yesterday was a first! Molly got a tattoo. She has wanted one for quite a while now and has done lots of sketching and thinking about what to get. Originally 18 sounded a ways away and it was easy to put off thinking about it being a reality. Then she turned 18 and as is her way, she was deliberate and thoughtful about her decisions. She didn't just run out to get it, she kept debating what she would get that would have the most meaning. One day she KNEW what to get. The outline of Helene and a Scripture verse that means alot to her since her trips there.
We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. If a man's gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith.
Romans 12:6a
When I think of tattoos I think about the permanency of them and how I'm fickle.
I also admire the idea of art that tells a part of your story.
I pictured wrinkled old skin with ink- not so pretty.
And, in Molly's case, I pictured her on her wedding day in a beautiful dress and wondered about how it would fit.
But when she chose Helene I settled in to the idea. I know Molly left her mark on the children of the island and that the island left it's mark on Molly's life and ministry.

The actual process of it was very interesting to me.

This is the map Dominic drew on the whiteboard at the clinic in June 2009 - Molly's first trip to Helene. We printed this out and took it in to show to the artist we chose, Lewis Hess, at Atlas Tattoo in Portland. We chose Lew because our friend Aria had a tattoo I loved and we wanted a great artist. Molly talked with Lew about the design and placement of the tattoo, the type of font for the script, every detail. She knew what she wanted. Then Lew traced it out for her to review and they tweaked it. Originally the island was upside down and she had to tell him about how to write out a scripture reference etc. Then you try the tracing on for size and tweak again. Obviously it's important to get it right! Then it's down to business. While he was working Molly explained about the trip and the island and why it mattered to her. I even overheard her clarifying what "Spring Break in Helene" is compared to other Spring Breaks that kids her age take. :-) Molly said it didn't hurt really at all. That helped me :-) It went very quickly and then it was done. We were so excited I messed up the angle on this... but wanted to get a pic of Mo, the tattoo and Lew! Looks like he's done this picture before. So yes, a trip to the tattoo shop was a push for my "different kids, different stuff" mantra. But in the end, I love the way Molly made her decision, what she chose, that she's happy with it and that we got to share the experience with her.

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Jenni said...

it looks GREAT!!! i'm so glad you guys got to experience that with her. and it will be such a testimony when people ask her about it... and she gets to share her amazing experience with them.

you're a good mama!