Friday, November 13, 2009

Getting Ready...

In 48 hours I'll be leaving for Europe.

I'm getting the opportunity to produce another Global Leadership Summit, this time, in Brussels, Belgium.
So, what does that mean?
That means that I'll be arriving in Brussels on Wednesday, greeted by Johan and Karin Klein, the Summit event managers.
Yes, it will be one of those... name on a placard sort of meetings, but in a European train station!
Yes, I'm excited.
I'm excited to be part of something way beyond me.
I'm excited to have a tiny role in helping to equip church leaders around the world.
And, I'm excited to be challenged.
Every week at home, my work is creative and different and challenging, but this is different because I hit the ground running and have to build relationships quickly, learn to think and communicate in a new culture, problem solve, coach and encourage and most of all serve.
First in, last out, wits about me- balance mission with relationship, serve.

But what do I do????
I'll be working with a Belgium creative team on several worship sets for the conference. We'll be working together to create moments where community in a somewhat divided country can happen and where the Arts can be an instrument used by the Holy Spirit to challenge and encourage.

And because I'm a tecky at heart, I'm also anxious to work with the the technical team who move in to a rented space, with all the challenges that go along. For example, last year the screen arrived about 30 minutes before the first session so we used the wall for the morning sessions.

And, this year I'll be more involved with the facilitators of each session. Following the Summit sessions, two facilitators "unpack" the session, in two languages! with the conference attenders. So, knowing the content of the six sessions, the culture of the audience, and sensing the room are critical.

Last year, I had the chance to do this in Honduras and still maintain some relationships from my time there. It changed how I view the world and the "C"hurch. I cannot wait to join the team in Brussels!

And... this year, my daughter Molly is traveling with me.
We leave Sunday morning and arrive Monday in Paris for two nights there.
If our internet connections are good we'll keep our travel journal here.

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Heasleye said...

Awesome! Can't wait to hear about it!