Saturday, August 8, 2009

Leading in a New Reality- Bill Hybels

Think about the challenge you face as an external environment you’re leading in. The challenge is external to your internal reality. - Jim's opening

Leading In a New Reality
Bill Hybels
- Dispassionate decision making. There’s a good goal
- Storms require constant action
- How can we be MORE of the church to one another during a storm?
- On Sunday, minister to people before they leave again to face their challenges. Our services should be “all killer, no filler”
- Wise financial management in the church IS critical- when storms (rogue waves) hit, cash reserves give leaders what they need, which is time.

DISCUSS: Rate existing activities and ministry programs in A, B, & C buckets. C = what would we stop doing first. A= what would we NEVER stop doing.

- In a financial downturn people ARE hungry to hear about God’s way of money management. Is Sunset doing enough?
- Do I believe that God is capable of doing great things in our day. Hab 3:2

How did God do great things in history?
People totally yielded to Him; Are we attracting them, hiring them, creating an environment where they thrive? Mentoring them to their full potential, are we having honest conversations with those on our team who are less than totally yielded.

DISCUSS: How many critical seats are there on our team? How many of those seats are filled with the right people who are fired up and gifted. What is our plan for filling other seats. Are we developing a back up for each seat. Do this exercise on your team every six months.

- How am I doing personally? Is my life sustainable? Do I have an adequate replenishment strategy? Romans 8:6. Would I describe my life as full of life and peace?

DISCUSS: How full is your bucket? What fills it? What drains it? Good self leadership means reinventing adequate replenishment strategies for new realities.

The best thing I bring to ministry leadership is a full bucket, full of optimism in God.

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