Monday, June 29, 2009

16 June 2009 - Helene

Today was really about more integration with the islanders. We are learning names and they are learning ours. It’s nice to be remembered. One of them, Stef (pictured with Kait and I) gives everyone nicknames. He calls Mark “slim” Tyler “big man” Kait “small eyes” Kelly “Cinderella’ and me… well he called me “fat girl” J which I then shared was not an ok word for whities and so he changed it to green eyes. I think the sun was affecting him. J

Today our Green team ran sports camps. In the morning, we walked along the path through the villages and Ewings, our guide, and quite possible the coolest person any of us have ever met, would shout out to everyone he saw on the street and in to houses that we were playing soccer at the sand lot soon. 3 of our kids are soccer players. 1 boy and I are not soccer players. I dated soccer players- but that doesn’t really count, now does it?
The girls hung in for a while, but this was a man’s game. Mark Franklin played the whole time, with a grin on his face. He was in his element.
After lunch we went back out for more sports camps and this time around it was basketball. Again, Mark shined. Kait and I hung out with a couple of little kids most of the afternoon. We had some great discussions with people here today- about their lives, the differences, even why we do so much of what we do.

This morning Larry, the mission director asked us to really consider/challenge our culture while we are here. The kids and I are beginning these conversations… what we live for, how we define success. Would love your prayers as I navigate these conversations as a adult friend vs. a “mom” and today I saw Tyler really taking some time with one of the young men on the island. Pray for him too as he shares his faith and encourages this young man.

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