Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tradition... Tradition!

A tradition of ours is bowling with the Schroeder's and other friends on New Years Eve. This holiday has been void of tradition due to the snow,so it was nice to do something that was 1- familiar 2- out of the house 3- with friends and family

(our famiy minus Mike who had to work late)

(Andy & Molly, Hillary, Abby, Marshall and Kelcee)

The general idea is that we don't care much about the bowling... but I do realize each year that I am a closet smack talker and pretty dang competitive, but it always gives me something to work on as a New Years resolution.

So long 2008...

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April said...

uh, a CLOSET smack talker? somehow I find the closet part hard to believe...I can totally see you OPENLY talking smack!

Sounds like a really fun tradition. I guess I hadn't thought about how much I miss traditions at this time of year too. They've kind of disappeared in my family since my Mom died (my Dad died when I was a kid, so Mom was the glue that held us all together). The only real tradition my sisters and I have now is arguing about what we're going to do for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Haha. Kind of sad huh?

Maybe I need to start some traditions of my singing at the Christmas Eve services...barring any future Arctic Blasts...