Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas on New Years

We celebrated Christmas on New Years Day with Michael's family in McMinnville at Granny's house.

all of us (except Emily who was at work)the "kids table" though our grown up table... is pretty cool too

Gifts... How does your family handle gifts for one another?
This was year 2 of exchanging a $10 value gift "yankee trader" style. I like the idea, though i don't know if it worked out quite as well this year... And then each family also does something small for the other families.

My great (seemed like it at the time) idea was to make hot cocoa mix and homemade pretty marshmallows for everyone with a home (we now have grown up cousins in apartments etc.) Well... we had enough cocoa mix to sample 1 mug on the way to Granny's and it was SO thick, like eating a melted chocolate bar... and the marshmallows... never set up, so... not my best attempt. It's the first Tyler Florence recipe to fail me... so i'm figuring it was me.
My sister-in-law Karen... her gift this year was unbelievable, literally. She knit slippers for ALL of us... how cool is that? . She even knit them in the "right" colors for each kid... blue for Rice, navy/red and white for Westview and Orange/Black for our Beaver.

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Colin said...

Standard, run-of-the-mill, hot chocolate mix is 2-4 Tablespoons per cup. Since a 1/4C is 4 Tb, that's some thick hot chocolate.