Saturday, October 4, 2008


Recently i told myself that i needed to turn the blog faucet back on...
today something happened which I feel compelled to blog about though I know I will regret it...
here goes

Today Mike and I went to Old Navy.
They are having a big sale and he has a gift certificate there.
I hate buying new clothes, for a couple of reasons.
First, I gravitate toward what I already own.
Second, I have been routinely avoiding flipping my exercise switch for way too long
Third, While I hate everything in my closet, I really don't NEED anything but new khakis but can't find the perfect pair, and I won't settle for less.
OK you guessed it, I'm stalling...
So I take about 12 things in to the dressing room.
(I love that you can take as many things as you want in to the dressing room at Old Navy).
stalling again.
One of the things I took in was a dress.
I always try dresses on and never buy them.
I took in a medium and a large.
yes... stalling...
I put the medium over my head... and knew I was in trouble, it wasn't going to fit. problem was... it wasn't coming off either.
I've had some pain/trouble with my right shoulder lately and that didn't help with the untwisting which would be required.
I was utterly, completely stuck.
Please tell me this has happened to you before.
Fortunately I had heard Michael enter the dressing room across from me and I whispered loudly... Michael, can you come over when you... get a minute... calmly as though I wanted him to see what i was considering buying...
which couldn't be further from the truth...
i really didn't want him to see me like this, stuck...
he came over and rescued me
and as i looked at the dress I thought I really like this dress, dang it
so I took the Large off the hanger and tried to step in to
not happening either, couldn't get the bodice up over the hips.
unbuttoned the one button and back over the head again.
And then...
stuck again...
turns out this one is also a medium, on a large hanger.
And Mike... was no longer across the hall, i realized only after whispering his name loudly multiple times.
Not gonna lie, I was frantic.
so i called his cell and coaxed him back in to the dressing room
and again we skinned the cat.

The good news... I found new khakis
and yes, it did cross my mind to actually get a large and try it on.

lesson learned... i will not go shopping by myself.


Anonymous said...

Yeah for new khakis! Did you get more than one pair?
And I must admit, I did laugh at this post, only b/c I have been in an almost identical situation but without any one I knew along with me. Yikes. Talk about "most embarrassing moments". thanks for blogging about it....."skinned the cat"....still loling over that one.
Deb Stewart

Stephanie said...

i heart you!! i appreciate your honesty.. and your good sense of humor about the whole thing (at least now, after the event!)although that has not specifically happened to me before, i can totally feel your pain.

glad you got something out of the deal!! enjoy those pants, girl!!


Jenna said...

That was the best story ever! Thanks for making my day! Glad you found new Khakis!

Dave said...

WOW Haven't gotten stuck putting my dress on in a long time?! ;^)

Scott Burks said...

I had a tough day today and needed a pick me up. Your story made me laugh out loud.