Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting Ready

So I think i finally really believe I'm going to make this trip to Honduras. It's literally less than a week away now.

I leave Tuesday morning to fly to Houston. Have a 21 hour lay-over there and will spend the night with Chris at Rice.

Wednesday I travel to San Pedro Sula, arriving early afternoon. No idea how I will get from the airport to the hotel, to the venue, still some details to work out.

Thursday is rehearsals- yesterday I was emailing Cesar, the worship leader and he sent me several tracks from the worship set. It's cool to help get my head in the game and practice my spanish to music. Rehearsals begin at 7pm. Not sure exactly what the rest of Thursday holds for me. I'm hoping to attend Mass at a historic church in the city.

Friday and Saturday are the Summit. Long days. I understand that most of the churches in the area have a Saturday PM service, so I'm hoping to catch one, if possible.

Sunday, return home by 10pm.

It's a whirlwind trip and I can't wait.
Here's some Honduras facts I've learned:
Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Nearly two-thirds of Hondurans live in poverty- unemployment hovers at 28%, the average daily wage is $3.15US. San Pedro Sula is the Aids Capital of Central America.

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April said...

Wow Janet! I hope you have a great time! Be sure to take lots of pics and post some to facebook when you get home...