Monday, September 1, 2008

A positive evolution

Portlander, Donald Miller, was invited to give a benediction at the DNC. He said yes, and I love the why. Here's an excerpt from his website

I was honored to deliver the closing prayer at the DNC on Monday night. Evangelical voices have been scarce within this party, perhaps since the Carter administration. But as strides are being made on key issues of sanctity of life and social justice, as well as peaceful solutions to world conflicts, more and more evangelicals are taking a closer look at options certain members of the Democratic Party are beginning to deliver. There is a long way to go, but sending a message to Washington that no single party has the Christian community in their pocket, thus causing each party to carefully consider the issues most important to us, is, in my opinion, a positive evolution. I am glad that, for the most part, the dialogue has been constructive and positive. Will you join me in keeping the conversation thoughtful and not reactionary?

I've had the chance to hear Don Miller speak a handful of times and love his communication style, the way he lives a real life, is so relatable while well read and smart. He's the kind of contemporary leader who challenges me out of my soccer mom, church lady norm to pursue and do something that can make a real difference. He's also (finally) got a blog up and running. Oh, and he's the guest teacher at Sunset's Every Man Conference this year!


GodSide said...

I was excited when I heard he was speaking at the DNC…but honestly I am not a fan of “scripted prayers.” His prayer sounded much more like a politically charged message than a sincere communication to God. Sorry I can’t be positive about that.

Joni said...

I loved it and I'm sad that he's been criticized so harshly just for showing up. Why would he say no? I'm not opposed to scripted prayers. What about when we pray through the scriptures? Its not like we've made up stuff to say. I don't know him but I will trust he was sincere.