Monday, September 1, 2008

Koppert 06 Scrapblog

This is year 6 of spending Labor Day weekend with friends at Koppert Lake in Washington

Here's the scrapblog: The "girls" are now old enough to drive themselves... that was strange. Emily and Megan drove over bright and early, our girls hopped in the car and off they went. They got to camp hours before Mike and I and set up their own tent and campfire. (Emily Johnsen, Molly & Abby, Megan Johnsen) Koppert is our mud spa treatment prior to going back to school each year.
One thing I love about Koppert is getting to see old friends.
In this silly photo... Michael, Sara Phillips and her three boys, Paul and Spence Boelter. They are looking up for two sky divers who landed at the lake within about 50 yards of us. Pretty cool.
Kurt, Austin and Tim had a slack line set up at their campsite... It felt a little, ok alot, like a prediction of my old age, wobbly legs and Molly helping me get around!

Slack line - Abby from Janet Fraser on Vimeo.

Family photos


GodSide said...

It never rained again after you left ;)

- Nice shot of the fam down I still the official Fraser family photographer?

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. It's nice you see your family interacting with eachother. It's an honor when the teens like the parents. Good job!

Joni said...

Sorry you got rained out. Looked like a good time anyway.