Sunday, August 17, 2008

politics or personality?

Based on last night's Rick Warren/Saddleback interview with Obama and McCain I am feeling like I can vote for McCain. This is a pretty big deal for me... I "like" Obama as a communicator. Liked him since the first time I saw him without a tie on Oprah. Yeah, that's right... I'm one of those people... who doesn't really care much about the presidential race. How unbelievably embarrassing.

My girls are Obama supporters. But of course. They are 15 and 17 after all... My son's roommate sleeps under an Obama poster and did grassroots stumping for him in Houston. Are there any young republicans? Well, I was.
I believe in conservative intepretation of the constitution, in a free market and in personal responsibility and logical consequences.
That makes me a Republican, right?

But lately, I've had more trouble feeling good about my affiliation. I don't believe that Bush made all the right decisions for all the right reasons. Does any President? The older I get the harder I think the job is... and the less difference I have thought it made who you vote for.
Then, let's face it... Obama is just cooler in a sound bite than McCain... but now after investing nearly two hours in research (ok, a little less as I checked back on the Olympics from time to time...) I realized that I did find McCain to be a viable candidate because of his politics, if not his personality.


Jos said...

Proir to watching the discussion, I was voting for McCain because he wasn't Obama.

Now I'm voting for McCain because he's McCain.

Michael Sainz said...

I thought you hung slightly left Janet...I obviously don't know you!

Also...I'm 25, does that count as being young enough?

Anonymous said...

i am so sorry to say obama told a couple of outright lies to rick warren. OR he was lying when he said the exact opposite thing on another occasion. i think he got flattered into running for office and that he's had the breaks go his way. he is a great speaker, inspiring and exciting, but when you break down his views (if you can rely on what he says, which is really difficult) they come out anti-life, pro-immorality, anti-free market, and pro-socialism. j-fra, i think you're making the right choice. i wouldn't choose mccain if there were someone more conservative minded. but there you have it, the lesser evil of our political system. i hate politics. . .God help us all, whoever ends up in the white house. dan

GodSide said...

Agree with you 100%.

I was so bummed that McCain was our choice...but after the other not I feel better about voting for him. I love how quickly and directly he answered the questions...unlike Obama who talked alot but didnt really answer the question.

Jenni Clayville said...

I'm with you, sistah!

Anonymous said...

Haven't listened to the interviews yet, but will ... I know I will be voting for McCain ... It disturbs me greatly to hear my kids talk about how all of their friends at school say they are for Obama. I'd like to see more of us challenge them ... even in their youth. What do you like about what he stands for? Make them think ... we are not voting for Homecoming King ... this is not a popularity contest. We supposedly have a politically minded generation, but I'm afraid they don't have any idea of the issues ... beyond the war. And even that is much more complicated ... I'm sure I was much more informed as a teen. :-) Right? AmyE.