Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pajama Party Wrap

Friday night the Fraser women had a Pajama party at Granny's.
The cast... Granny, Daughter number 1 -Kay with her daughter Betsy; Daughter number 2- Karen with her daughters Emily and Madeline; Daughter-in-law= me and my daughters Molly and Abby and Daughter 3/Child 4- Kathleen.
Yes, that's right 10 women in pajamas...

a finger food extravaganza

The recent high school grads...Cousins, Maddy & Bits born about 8 hours apart

played catch phrase

our girls watching the American Girls roast marshmallows... the flash really spoils this photo... imagine that the only light in the room is the campfire...

we compared genetic physical traits... Can you sit like this?

apparently the Fraser's have long arms. It proved to be true, both my girls have longer arms than I do.

Granny fixed a darling (Samantha style) dessert

We also caught up, watched a great movie "Stardust", some Olympics (of course) and then fell asleep on the floor to the Phantom of the Opera movie.

A sweet night...

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Melinda said...

This is fabulous!