Wednesday, July 2, 2008

going home

We visited the gravesite today. This photo is my Mom standing where her parents and my father are buried. As I stood there with my own flood of emotions I was overwhelmed by how this moment and place must affect her. It was a very sad moment.

I am leaving today to return to Portland. The rush of emotion is tossing me around. I am so thankful I was able to extend my stay a few days, the quieter time with Mom has been so good. I am anxious to return home to my family and friends, but feel as though I have left part of me here.

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paint-splashin' woman said... sympathies to you, and a hug from up north. I am Tyler's "mum-in-law", and look forward to meeting you someday in person, when we're in the Portland area. We have our "being adopted" status that we share. How God blessed and directed both our lives, when we had no control over circumstances. I will forever be eternally grateful to Him for providing a loving family for me, as I'm sure you must feel so stongly as well. Especially at a time like this, your heart must be overflowing with thanksgiving. Your Dad sounded like a very wonderful man. You reflect many of the same qualities. :0)
God bless you, as you re-enter your Portland life again, and begin your healing time. I pray that the Lord holds you close, and reminds you daily how much He truly loves you.
In His love,