Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Session Two: Gilles Ste. Croix

Session Two: Gilles St Croix, Sr VP of Creative Content for Cirque was interview by Nancy Beach.
Working with Cirque would be a dream job of mine... so I was really looking forward to this session and wasn't disappointed except that it was too short. Not sure quite how to pull together the thoughts which were firing during his talk but here are some quotes.
I was an artist looking for a place where I could fit in.
As individual as artists are, I truly believe that many of them crave/thrive in a community. I'm grateful for ours and challenged whether we could do more to be a place where artists can fit in.

excerpt from a behind the scenes video for Cirque- the speaker was some kind of arts leader.
Sometimes we will slow you down and sometimes we'll light a fire under your butt"
Cirque's process begins with what storyline do we want to create, what emotion do we want to carry? And then the figure out things like what acrobats, music, sets etc. How can we continue to apply this to our service planning? Starting with the "sticky." How much of what we do is driven by what we've done, or who is "on" rather than the story we want to tell, or in our case support?

The ultimate judge of a performance is the audience, not the director
Gilles talked about how they take a show to the "Lions Den" before final dress rehearsals and often, even after 2-3 years of preparation, they are given good direction on rhythm and flow of a show, a missing or wrong element etc. Of course we don't have this kind of time, but I was challenged in my role as a producer that I rarely spend enough time with the plan, or focused at dress rehearsal to catch things before service time. This needs to change.

The show is there, you just have to discover it.
This is a modern twist on “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”- Michaelangelo and I love it. We pray in planning that we would be inspired and moved by God to craft a service where people will experience God. It's kind of the same...

Fighting gravity is a form of art
Gilles talking about teaching a kid to juggle and how art sets the spirit free.

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