Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Arts Conference Day One: Challenged Session One: Nancy Beach

As I write this I am quite literally sitting on a large couch with two of my favorite bloggers, Jay and Tyler. The guys are attending the conference with me this is affecting me as I try to decide what to post because I know I'll like what they write better...
So, i'll just share some "stuff" from the day and recommend you check their blogs for the real content.

Nancy started the morning by sayng the following in her prayer "You are a transforming God" I needed this reminder.
Then she walked us through Psalm 40:1-10 MSG. Chewing on the concepts in the scripture, then inviting us in to an action each step along the way, challenging us to see where we we are prone to/or in a pit, then to think of the times this year that God has rescued me, my family, my ministry, then to surrender myself and then she challenged us.
We need more men and women who are so atune to the Holy Spirit that they withdraw from time to time, to be alone, to listen and then to be inspired in the ways they call people to God... to show a balanced picture of God with righteousness and justice and grace and mercy.

In light of the week I have had, where I've had so much trouble being alone this has really been challenging because I believe it to be true. I have also really been challenged recently by the role of those who love Jesus in making a difference in the world around us. This would be a good summarization of the day.
Another favorite quote from the day, Nancy quoted Mark Batterson
If we are not careful we will do ministry more out of memory than imagination."

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