Saturday, May 31, 2008

Scrapbooking for Dummies aka me

Abby F I N A L L Y got contacts this week!

My birthday present was the opportunity to take pics of the kids. I've finally chosen the Christmas Card photo and can share the runner ups. (Yes, it's only May but my kids likely won't be together again until December).

When did they grow up?

This one is my favorite of the day!

My space pic with MOM...

Quite possibly the most beloved brother ever...

And a couple of random shots.

Chris Fraser update- being paid to do math... happy as a clam this week!

Clearing out the phone came across this... someone hid Mac's laptop in the ceiling. It's random but I know several of you will enjoy this one. :-)


Melinda said...


Jenni Clayville said...

i'm so glad abby can finally see. that poor girl.

too bad i'll no longer be able to make obscene gestures at her from afar.

ok... i don't do that anyway... but i'm trying to find something to mourn right now.

Air-iq said...

the ceiling! Ive never thought about that.