Saturday, April 26, 2008

See Ira for yourself!

Among my favorite things is the weekly radio show, This American Life.
What I really love is the storytelling... but the host, Ira... well, well, see for yourself. He was on Letterman this week. He's the first 5 minutes of this clip.

He makes me smile!

On May 1, Ira Glass will appear on at least 317 movie house screens at once, projected live, several times life-size, in high-definition video, with tickets going for $20 each and merch selling fast in the lobby.

Details of the show aren’t nailed down yet, planners say it will include clips from the upcoming Showtime season, also in HD, plus Glass’s live narration of a This American Life radio story, an appearance by Chris Wilcha, the Showtime series director, and a Q&A opportunity.
I'm so excited!

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