Friday, April 25, 2008

A good problem to have

Kaleidoscope... this is a metaphor that's been twirling around in my head for quite a while. This weekend is a great example of a kaleidoscope moment... we are having 31 people baptized in our services.
The challenge: baptize 27 people in the Eleventh Hour in addition to congregational worship, family business, and a message.
My role on the team was to create a moment for the baptisms. Well now, this is a good problem to have... 27 baptisms but it's also lots of little pieces which we know God wants to use for His glory. No pressure. So, I prayed for inspiration, spent time in the Word and the online version of the Book of Order among other places.
We decided to use media to create a connection between the people in the seats and those being baptized. So this week I've spent quite a few hours connecting with those being baptized to pull together this moment. Along the way, I came across this amazing quote from Martin Luther
By my baptism I have testified to the world that I am Christ's . In that baptism he has marked me as his own. I shall have my rough days; the storms of life will beat upon me; temptations will assail me; and sometimes I will fall, but ever and always, I have been baptized—I am Christ's
I'm really excited, after last nights rehearsal, to see what God makes of it on Sunday. I mean that sincerely... this is what I do, gather pieces and watch God spin them into something beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Nice Jfra.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! :-)
Debbie Stewart