Monday, August 1, 2011

Molly's Mission Encounter Week 8

This week Molly and I emailed about what we would want her friends and family who've supported her to know. I asked her some questions and this week and next week we'll share her answers, in her own words.

Was the trip what you expected?
It really kind of was what I expected. I didn't expect to be reading as much as they had assigned but I gained a lot from every book that I read while here. I will have read 10 books over the 10 weeks. Half assigned, half pleasure reading. Never could say that back in middle school-high school. When I'd return to school in September and my teacher would ask how much we all read over the summer, my answer I'm sure was always zero hahah.
My day to day activities were pretty much what I expected. Morning devotions, and then getting ready for the day, such as reading, bible studies and then getting ready for school. Lunch at 12ish and then meeting with the teachers at 1 and school from 130-5. After school relaxing before dinner or cooking dinner (I cooked monday nights). Dinner is at 6. Dinner and dishes usually ends at around seven and then we either part our separate ways or play a game or watch a movie.
The only time my expectations weren't the same as what I had planned was my ability to be out in the community. Sometimes it really felt like I was princess Jasmine locked away. I didn't have as much interaction outside of the clinic with the people of Helene as I would have liked to.

What are some things you’ve learned about being a missionary?
I've learned the positive and challenging aspects of short term missions. How they affect a full time staff and the locals. Short term teams come ready to give all they can because they are only here for a week and are prepared to do that. Which is great, but that’s not realistic when you live somewhere on an ongoing basis. It’s challenging. Sometimes the locals misunderstand the real commitment long term missionaries have made to them. I've gained a lot of respect for the people that do full time missions and what a commitment that is. Their obedience to God's call is something really amazing to witness. Giving up family, friends, lifestyle, your cultural beliefs and thinking and jumping into a whole new way of living is not an easy thing to do and it's amazing how many people do it to share the gospel.

This week MEI shared a link of Molly where we got to hear her voice and see her face. You can see the clip here. The clip was recorded early in her Discipleship Encounter.

Prayer requests:

The team at MEI, our friends serving long term in Helene. That God would direct and provide for their ongoing ministry to the people of the island. And to the native islanders that they would grow in their knowledge of God and His grace and share that with their friends and family.

Molly's eye- healing; it's still pink and hurts. She has a Dr appointment scheduled right away when she gets back. And for her last two weeks on the island. She leaves Helene on August 12th, is in Roatan overnight and then arrives home late Saturday night Aug 13th.

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Melinda said...

That's a LOT of reading, Molly! I
have thoroughly enjoyed following your adventures, via your mom's blog! You rock!