Friday, July 15, 2011

Molly's Mission Encounter Week 6

file photo of the school from the Mission Encounters facebook page
Helene Christian English School (HCES) is in its eighth year serving the children and families of the small southern Caribbean island of Santa Elena! This year we have 89 students enrolled in pre-kindergarten through sixth grades who are taught by five islander teachers, two islander teacher assistants, and two American missionary teachers (Dominic and Miss Sheila). The school is in its third year under the governance of an islander school board and its second year with an islander director.
I've been working in Sheila's class, 4th, 5th &6th grade girls, they're quite the handful. I love it because I assist and work with kids 1 on 1 when they aren't understanding something but oooh I feel bad for Sheila somedays. The girls take no mercy on her.
Molly's been enjoying working in the Helene Christian School.

This week a short term team from the Outerbanks of North Carolina will be at the clinic. They are expecting 22 people, mostly adults, and many of them with a medical background. On Sunday they will be doing a CPR/first aid training class at the clinic for clinic staff and some islanders. Molly's excited about this because the young island boy who tended to Abby's wound in June will be taking the class. We are so grateful for his care of Abby and that he will get some training to continue to develop his skills so that he can care for others on the island.

She passed the halfway point last week and I've been happy to see her balancing a healthy desire to come home with a genuine understanding and appreciation for the very special opportunities she has in Helene each day. A good lesson for each of us.

Prayer requests:
Health- Molly's been sick this week, they were considering taking her down island to the Gringo clinic, but I think she is improving. She and Miss Sheila are fighting an eye infection of some sort though. (Praise! the med team is on the way!)

The outerbanks short term team- that their lives will be impacted as they serve the people of the island.

Rayme, the young island boy- That he will continue to learn and be a positive impact on the island and the people of his community.

Though I am writing the blog posts for her, she can read your comments here or on the facebook page, so feel free to leave her a note. Thanks again for your love and prayers, Molly and Janet

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Mike Hildenbrand said...

Sounds like you are doing really well. Keep up the good work, you are having a huge impact in the lives of these families. Sounds like it is impacting you too, which is what short term teams are all about. I am so proud of you!! We prayed for you in pastoral team meeting.