Saturday, June 4, 2011

Molly's next adventure

This morning we took Molly to the airport and she is now in the air. She has an hour layover in Houston and then will arrive in Roatan, Honduras at 2:46pm. (12:46 Portland Time). It's hard to believe how quickly you can be a world away.

Molly will be doing a ten week Discipleship Encounter, aka a Missions boot camp, in Helene serving with MEI, at the clinic and in the Christian School. It is a remote island with few services. She will likely have access to email only once a week so we dont expect that she will be able to blog, but I will try to pass on updates as we hear from her.

This is Molly's 4th trip to the island and her sister Abby and I have been twice, as well. In fact, Abby will travel to Helene on a short-term trip in two weeks, to serve, and to take whatever we forgot to pack, to Molly. Very convenient.

Our family wants to thank all of you who have supported her trip by giving and praying and encouraging her this past few months. We hope you will continue to be part of her trip by praying for her while she is away and we look forward to having a celebration with many of you when she gets home this summer.

Our current prayer requests:

Travel- safety and the short layover in Houston. Portland to Houston to Roatan by plane. Then travel by small boat 30+minutes to the island of Helene. If her luggage doesn't make it to Roatan there is no parcel delivery service to remote jungle islands. :)

Health- Molly was sick Monday and Tuesday and recently Molly has discovered she is gluten intolerant. This will make eating a challenge. We packed a suitcase full of gluten free food, which actually weighed more than her clothing suitcase. She manages this well, but she misses bagels and the idea of saying no to fritters on the island is hard.

Community- This is the first time Molly will be without family or life long friends. Our greatest concern is loneliness, so I'm praying that she will know God in a new way and develop relationships with the team she is serving with.

With our love, Molly and Mama

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