Saturday, June 18, 2011

Molly's Mission Encounter in Helene - Week 2

We were excited to get a picture of Molly in action at the clinic!

This week the English School at the clinic was closed so Molly spent most of the week studying, playing with the children and cleaning and preparing the clinic for the arrival of a short term team on Saturday.

She's watching "The Truth Project" series. This study is the starting point for looking at life from a biblical perspective. Each lesson discusses in great detail the relevance and importance of living the Christian worldview in daily life. In addition she has begun to work through Experiencing God with the clinic team.

Molly got to use some of her artistic ability this week, working on signs. The first one was the somewhat notorious "Welcome Sunset" banner that she's seen hanging on the clinic balcony the last three trips there. Then, Teddy, one of the island pastors asked her to make a sign for the Northside Church Revival that will be happening this week.

The short term team arriving soon is from our home church. A group of 12 students and 3 adult leaders who left Portland at 6am this morning. Molly is VERY excited for her sister to arrive. I think she's mentioned it in every correspondence this week. They will be on the island for ten days.

Prayer requests:
Praise- Molly is getting along great with Larry and Sheila Benson, the Missions directors.
Praise- Molly and Abby's relationship and the opportunity for them to be on the island together during Molly's internship.
Request- The Sunset team - safety, that each person will serve with energy, enthusiasm and love, the transition from life in Beaverton to island life, and for our dear friends, Traci, Mike and Rose- the adult leaders.
Request- Our island friend Elsa's son Esly was not feeling well and had to return to the hospital this week. You can read more of Esly's story here:
Request- Molly is already thinking about the day the Sunset team and Abby leave the island. She will remain there for six weeks after.

a late Saturday update is that they have decided to stay in Roatan overnight, due to tough seas which are making the boat ride impossible tonight. They plan to leave early and be on Helene by 8am.
So one more prayer request- physical safety for Molly and Sheila. I imagine that Larry is stuck down island and the ladies are alone in the clinic. I know our island friends will be aware and watching over them, but this has this Mom on her knees tonight.

Thanks friends, Molly and Janet


Anonymous said...

May the Lord look over Molly. While safety is a concern, may any danger be kept at bay. Is not Dominic around too? Molly is a blessing to the island and all those that she serves. The Lord shines through her as she serves. It is so amazing to know her and watch how love flows to the youth in Helene by Molly.

Janet Fraser said...

Dominic is in the states visiting family. Thanks for your comfort and comment whoever you are :)