Saturday, May 29, 2010

try following directions

my father had a sign hanging in his classroom which said
When all else fails... try following directions
I have spent most of my life not baking. Even as I've fallen in love with cooking, I have told myself and others, "I don't bake." I dont really care much for sweets, and frankly I'm just not good at things which require accuracy and ones full attention. Since we went to Houston I've been talking mostly about two things. 1. the fact that Rice's graduation would have benefitted from a producer AND 2.the coconut cake at Ruggles. Well, since Rice isn't hiring me for their indoor graduation which only occurs once ever 45 years or so due to rain, I decided to work out the coconut cake fetish instead. So, not suprisingly my dad was right... I can bake when I follow directions. I wonder if this whole following directions things applies in other areas of life? Thanks Julie for the suggested recipe.


JillyBean said...

Gorgeous! Were they yummy, too?

Melinda said...

I like the way that you centered the cake in the center of the flower for the photo! Nice!

Julie said...

so...let's make Ina's coconut cupcake's together shall we? Then I can enjoy with you...I 'heart' coconut anything!!!