Friday, October 23, 2009

This little piggy

Long before Facebook launched a family beta... the technologically savvy Fraser Clan launched their own google group.
this week Chris posted this and because we happen to be related to the grand champion pig farmers in Wa. County... he's actually getting some real advice. Who'd a thunk?
but in the slim chance that you might also have some info, i'm posting it here.

Hey everyone.
So I should probably update you on my life at some point but not today :). Things are going well basically. School is fun; classes are cool this year and actually not as hard as in previous years (more advanced but less work), and I am busily applying for graduate schools and scholarships.

Anyway, the more pressing question is this:
My residential college's mascot is the "battlesow." For some reason, the master at my college (that is, the professor who lives with us and throws social events, gives advice etc.), thinks it is a good idea for my college to obtain a live pig which we will take care of, feed leftovers, etc. Don't ask me.

He has set up a committee of people to investigate the viability of obtaining such a pig. They are thinking of probably a very small pig for ease of care. Besides that, I am not sure what they are thinking really.
Anyway, one of my friends is on the committee and I mentioned that my extended family had a number of pigxperts.
So, do you guys have any words of widsom?
For one thing, do you know what laws about owning pigs are like? What sort of work is involved in taking care of a small pig? We have heard that you have to take care of their teeth? Can you blindly feed them leftovers from the cafeteria or is that a bad idea (we have read you have to boil food).

Thanks for your input,

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