Saturday, August 8, 2009

Switch- Chip & Dan Heath

Switch- Chip Heath and Dan Heath (Interview with Craig Groeschel)

Synopsis of Switch - what makes things stick? Concrete images and stories
New book- Switch Giddy that we got an advance copy!
Think of something in your life that needs to change.
If you are the leader, you are the rider and what you need to convince to change is the elephant.
You must convince them/it to move

DISCUSS: What is working, what are our bright spots? These are proof that we are capable. What is TBU- true but useless.

- Shrink the change so the elephant can stay motivated to move.
- Prepare people that failure is part of the process of success. Hope  Valley of Insight (aka failure) Confidence
- The “growth” mindset. Successful people have this. They believe that by working it out, it will get better. There is a tolerance for failure- in a time of change, failure is a necessity. When we work out our biceps we lift until we can’t lift anymore, fatigue is part of strengthening. Failure is a warning sign for success, but do we stop too soon?
- When I’m stuck consider do I have a person problem or a situation problem?
Example- seminary students were told they had some time to get to their speaking engagement- along the way was someone who needed help. 63% stopped.
Seminary students told to HURRY to their next speaking engagement passing someone who needed help 10% stopped.
Situation problem or people problem?
DISCUSS how we can attack our situation problems, roadblocks to people serving, journaling, attending regularly etc.- whatever our challenges are.

Reading List: Made to Stick

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