Saturday, August 8, 2009

Leveraging Your Past - Wess Stafford

Leveraging Your Past - Wess Stafford

How do we leverage pain for ministry?

Wess shared his story of pain and abuse as a child in Africa. Others who experienced this kind of pain fall and dont get up. God used this, through Wess' obedience to fuel him to fight for children around the world. It drives his ministry at Compassion Intl.

When Wess turned in the manuscript for his book his publisher returned it with this comment.
They wont care what you know until they know why you care.

DISCUSS: What is it that moves you, what is your cause?

No experience in your life is beyond redemption.
God will orchestrate something out of the painful things in your life if we are obedient.
When I meet my maker and he wipes the tears from my eyes, I also want him to wipe the sweat from my brow. - Wess Stafford

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