Monday, July 13, 2009

unscrambling Helene...

People have been asking me what i take away from my time in Helene.
Here are a few...
My life was too full of noise
Relationship is more important than task
Life is not about high school or your day job
Life is not about what I want
The Word of God is a gift I have ignored way too often
Praying with people, listening to their stories is a privilege and a necessity
I should try everything once
I have more stuff than i need
I like skirts
There is work, and listening and praying to do at home, not just in Helene

Recently rediscovered
I put my blogposts in and this image is what it created.


Melinda said...

Wordle is a fun creative release!

Insightful list!

Anonymous said...

people should be open or travel more, why is it that without getting out of our zones we will never understand life. you have a gr8 list
- eric