Sunday, June 14, 2009

14 June 2009 Helene

It’s been 20 hours since we arrived at PDX for our trip to Helene, Honduras.
I didn’t bring my photo card reader, so may not have pics until we return home- so sad.
With grad night overnight Saturday and traveling all day I am having some trouble putting thoughts together.
Here are a few.

Our leaders, Allie and Scott Roth really have done a beautiful job of preparing us for the trip. There have been no unsettling surprises yet- though we did have an interesting landing in Helene. All’s well that ends well. And, it's been amazing to see our team leader, Allie, interacting with kids she has built relationship with over 5 trips here.

Many of our kids arrived tired … but I have witnessed such an honest caring and knowing between them already.

It feels like we have eaten all day. In Houston (4am Portland time) on the plane from Houston to Helene, first stop in Helene Bojangles chicken (SO good!) then to Helene via windy road nice bus and boat ride and a huge spaghetti dinner.

Some of the team left after dinner tonight to walk to the North side church on the island to attend a revival. It was difficult to stay behind but I’ve had about 4 hours sleep in 2 nights, so am pacing myself for what is to come the next couple of weeks.

I’ve been able to have some conversations with a few of the kids today- getting to know them better. This is very exciting to me. I am being deliberate about where I sit and what I say and am committed to coming home knowing them better, and to them knowing another adult cares about them, uniquely.

The water… is beautiful and warm and there are coral reefs and I cannot wait to swim tomorrow.

It is interesting to see how much of ministry, everywhere, is really about the complexity of people and how we much things up when left to our own devices. I am enjoying hearing the stories from the Alternative Missions team here- there is a commonality to what we have to do, while we are doing what we are called to do.

It's 9pm here, the kids are wrapping up playing with the island kids- they are wicked at Uno... this is an amazing place to be- we have much to learn about God, his design and ourselves.

Had to make the difficult decision of staying home tonight, rather than walking through the jungle to a revival meeting. Several people DID go and I look forward to hearing their stories tomorrow. I am just too in need of beauty sleep- so will put everyone to bed now and prepare for tomorrow. time to hang nets, look for stars through tropical rain.
Much love friends and family- we covet your prayers for safety, for growth and for impact. J


Melinda said...

Loved the update! I wonder if my imagination even remotely matches what you are seeing, as you described it.

Anonymous said...

Hey you,
So awesome to read this. Hope your trip is just overflowing with life memories and blessing. We miss you. Not the same on Sunday without JFra.
ps Allison says she knows you will find your way back home where Starbucks is.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet! So good to get the update and see the pictures! Praying for you and the whole team. Can't wait for the next update!

Angela said...

The Pics are great. Thrilled to hear of your adventures. Praying for you all. Give Bethany a snuffle for me (she'll know)