Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beauty in the Broken

I love love and I love kindness and I wish the churches would emphasize kindness to everybody.-- Rowan LeCompte

I love stained glass windows. Always have. One of my most prized possessions is a stained glass piece my father made. I remember selecting glass with him, our family room taken over for a season by a ping pong table repurposed for his "art", i remember him teaching me to cut, the smell of the melting came (lead). I love the concept of broken pieces coming together and becoming something beautiful when light shines through them. Love love love that.

Easter morning I heard an interview with Rowan LeCompte whose work have been on display in the stained glass windows of the Washington National Cathedral for more than half a century. This interview has stuck with me. I can't shake the sound of his voice, the way he experiences life, what is there and what is missing. It made me feel deeply, joy, beauty and sadness. If you have 9 minutes check it out here.

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