Saturday, December 20, 2008

The waiting is the hardest part - Tom Petty

Planning is bringing the future in to the present so you can do something about it. Alan Lakein
precisely why i have been no fun for hours and am tied up in knots right now.
I am waiting for a decision about whether or not we'll have church tomorrow.
This is not a post about what I think we should please don't comment your vote on staying open or closing. That's not it.

I believe that one of the most important skills in a producer is the ability to make a decision. This is something I've gotten better at.
Tonight i am living and leading in the tension of the unknown and trying to lead well.
I am a planner, I've become a decision maker.
I'm not comfortable not being able to plan and not making the decision.
I'm trying hard to look at my instinctive, flesh responses to the waiting and see how I need to grow and change.
Sometimes, no lots of the time, as a leader you gotta walk others through the unknown, frustration, disagreeing with decisions which are made, not made or yet to be made. It's just what leaders do.

For me, the real question tonight is not... will there be church, but will I be a proactive, supportive, encouraging, patient, authentic team leader, subordinate, teammate.


Melinda said...

You perform your role with integrity and excellence!

Anonymous said...

I suspect that between the waiting and more waiting you were all that you listed in the last paragraph and more. That you could blog about it authentically speaks volumes. I agree with Melinda!
~ LP